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All our workspace is flexible and built to the highest specifications. Whether you’re looking to expand your capacity or start fresh, we have the workspace for you.

Designed to foster collaboration

If you join our community as a Resident Member, you will be able to rent workspace in the Nexus building on a permanent basis. As a Resident Member, you’ll join our growing community of like-minded individuals which helps you to stimulate new ideas and opportunities.

Discover our high-quality office and lab space.


Choose from over 50 private, Grade A offices in the heart of Leeds. We have a range of sizes available to accommodate your business need, from 18 – 344 sqm per unit.


Our wet labs come in sizes 72 – 80 sqm. Each lab has Category 2 containment fit-outs throughout, 100A 3-phase power, fume cupboards and access to shared equipment and facilities.

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Our dry labs can be customized based on your individual requirements, including into additional wet lab space. Fixed and loose benching is available. They range in size from 70 – 80 sqm per unit.

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Equipped with the latest high-quality facilities and equipment from our sponsors Eppendorf, our Innovation Lab offers individually rentable bench space within our innovative community. The lab has 4m bench space plus 2.5m write-up space in a 118 sqm lab housing up to 5 companies.

The Innovation Lab provides an affordable space for early-stage companies or corporate businesses to innovate and work alongside our vibrant community. Sharing facilities also helps take away initial costs of lab setup. The lab is ideal for international companies for affordable or short-term lab space whilst building a UK base.

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Whichever labs you choose to occupy, a large range of shared equipment comes as part of the package. This includes a dedicated loading bay, goods lift, secure waste stores, ice-maker, oven dryer, glass washer and purified water supply.

To learn more about our workspace and its benefits, get in touch.