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COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty on a global scale across all business sectors. The difficulty in accessing and keeping up to date with the new government programs and policies designed to restore economic stability has led to a broad sense of uncertainty, if not anxiety in many places. The impact of the virus on the global economy is unprecedented.

As you face the challenges COVID-19 presents, our partners at Squire Patton Boggs, are here to help. They have established several multi-disciplinary task forces, each coordinating with the other, to provide a continuing flow of useful information keeping you updated on key policy and legal issues.

Visit their dedicated hub for more information.

Other useful resources:

Unlocking the Lockdown Webinars: Reviving the Economy and the Northern Powerhouse

In partnership with, this two-part series (13 and 20 May) focused on Yorkshire and the North West. Speakers provided expert analyses of the latest political and economic developments, as well as addressing the next steps in the process of lifting the lockdown and embarking on a new normal.

Screenshot of recent Squire Patton Boggs webinar showing the title 'reviving the northern powerhouse economy - unlocking the lockdown

Webinar 1 – Turning the Key

  • The View From Westminster – James Wharton
  • How Has the Northern Economy Been Affected by COVID-19? – Eve Roodhouse, CEO at Leeds City Council
  • Rebuilding UK Cities and Local Economies – Tom Bridges, Director Cities Advisory, Arup
  • Financial and Risk Considerations as We Come Out of Lockdown – John Alderton, Office Managing Partner, Leeds
  • Audience Q&A
Screenshot of recent Squire Patton Boggs webinar showing a man talking to camera

Webinar 2 – Removing the Padlock

  • Update on the lifting of restrictions – Matthew Kirk, International Affairs Advisor, Squire Patton Boggs
  • Core cities/sectors of the Powerhouse helping to drive recovery – Henri Murison, Director, The Northern Powerhouse Partnership
  • Test-trace-isolate phase – Francesca Fellowes, Director, Squire Patton Boggs
  • The future of energy and the impact on climate change – Helen Boyle, Strategic Decarbonisation Manager, Electricity North West
  • Audience Q&A

COVID-19: Summary of Government Financial Support Across Europe and the Middle East

This guide provides a summary of the government financial support available in key European and Middle East countries, covering all financial support packages, from loan schemes and financing facilities, employee support, insurance and tax, through to assistance available for the self-employed. It clearly sets out the types and level of funding available, eligibility, how to apply and how to access.

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Quick Guides to Directors’ Duties Across Europe: Overview of Considerations for Directors When a Company Is in Financial Difficulty

An obligation key to the director role and common in many countries is the duty not to continue trading if a company is insolvent. Whether you are a supplier, creditor, shareholder, customer or employee, you rely on the directors of the company you are dealing with to discharge this duty diligently.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has put this fundamental obligation under severe strain. Governments have responded to the crisis by closing large parts of the economy in order to protect healthcare systems and save lives. At the same time, governments have put in place financial support schemes of unprecedented scale in order to ensure that companies can weather the crisis, employees keep their jobs and businesses respond quickly to demand when the health protection measures allow, enabling the economy to recover as quickly as possible.

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UK Employer Guide: Preparing For a Safe Return to Work – FAQs on Employment, Health and Safety and Data Privacy

The UK government has published its Covid-19 strategy document, together with specific guidance for employers “to help get Brits back to work” in the form of eight workplace guides.  Squire Patton Boggs have updated their FAQs on returning to work to reflect these latest developments.

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Due to the fast-changing nature of the situation please refer to Squire Patton Boggs for the most up to date information.