Slingshot Simulations’ story

David McKee from Slingshot Simulations holding a meeting

Dr David McKee founded Slingshot Simulations after a decade of working at University of Leeds, as part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Leeds.

With a background of highly detailed, advanced simulation capability, from data centre analytics to aircraft simulation, David created Slingshot Simulations with the support of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2019.

After raising some initial funding, Slingshot joined Nexus as a small start-up in 2019, with a team of three people. After raising £2.5m of seed funding, and capitalising on Nexus’ reach into universities, the local community and beyond, Slingshot has now grown significantly to a team of 16.

One of the best things about being part of Nexus, is the fact that you could literally meet anyone. You can sit in the café and before you know it, you’ll see the CEO of the council here... It’s that great hub of people that you can communicate with, which is great to build a business.

Nexus has provided Slingshot with a hub to attract investment and interest from some of the leading companies in their field and has assisted with positioning Slingshot within organisations such as the OMG Digital Consortium, which is looking to set the international standard for Digital Twins:

As a small start-up, Slingshot has been able to lead this conversation and that is because we are able to, with Nexus’ support, innovate and grow together. We’re working closely with a lot of other companies here to collaborate and make our market bigger by innovating together.

Slingshot Simulations have also benefited from accessing graduate and student talent from the University of Leeds, with 4 EPSRC funded student placements.

I would encourage any business, whether it is via Nexus or not, to say there’s a great pool at Leeds University of tens of thousands of students who will engage with you. These are your future engineers, your future data scientists and your future users. You need to engage with them to build your business.

Since joining the Nexus community, Slingshot Simulations have gone from strength to strength with Nexus’ state of the art space with grow-on capacity, events and networking opportunities and the proximity and relationships with the University of Leeds.