Transforming keyhole surgery procedures around the world

Based here at Nexus, Pd-m is a team of designers and innovative thinkers creating smart products that people need and that make lives better.

Pd-m is collaborating with the University of Leeds (supported by the National Institute for Health Research) to develop a medical device for use in low- and middle-income countries, which is set to transform keyhole surgery procedures around the world.

The move to Nexus made perfect sense for us. It allows us to draw upon the expertise at the University and to work collaboratively on projects. Since joining the community, our collaboration manager has made some invaluable introductions and we are proud to be part of such an innovative environment.

The platform, which allows surgeons to reach patients’ organs located behind other body parts without the need for gas, was developed by a multidisciplinary team, including academics at the University of Leeds and surgeons in the UK and rural India.

The initial device is now being further refined by the collaborative team to create a cost-effective solution suitable for manufacture in developing countries.