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We're all about making right connections at the right time and building our community of innovators and collaborators. We continue to deliver some truly impactful results for businesses, the Leeds City Region and beyond.

highlights from the past 12 months

We continue to make connections that count for our community.

Over the past 12 months we’ve helped our member businesses to scale and grow, create new jobs and to raise substantial new funding.

Take a look at our story over the past year at Nexus as our community of innovators continue to have an impact across the region and beyond.

Dr Martin Stow, Nexus Director stood in a casual pose in front of a wall in the Nexus building. The wall reads where ideas come together.

Nexus Director, Dr Martin Stow, takes us through the past 12 months at Nexus and how we’re making connections that count for our community.

From changes and challenges, to the opportunities and impact the Nexus community continues to make for the Leeds City Region and beyond – it’s been a busy year.

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You'll see the CEO of the Council here, or some of the most influential people in Leeds tech community, or the wider digital ecosystem because Nexus is that great hub of people

David McKee from Slingshot Simulations holding a meeting


Hear from Dr David McKee, Founder and CTO at Slingshot Simulations about how he’s made the connections that count at Nexus.

From networking with key players in the Leeds innovation ecosystem to tapping into the University of Leeds’ talent pool and growing their business from a team of 3 to a team of 16 today.

£35.8 million raised in private investment


Access to funding remains one of the most crucial elements for start-up and small businesses.

Over the past year we’ve helped Nexus businesses raise £35.8 million of private investment and working with colleagues across the University of Leeds, our community has received over £16.5 million in collaborative research funding. 

We wanted to have strong academic collaborations and we knew to achieve that, Nexus was the place to be

Saile Villegas from Seeai on a video call


Saile Villegas, Director at Seeai, talks about how she’s made the connections that count for her business.

Being part of the Nexus community has helped Seeai flourish, we’re helping them to forge the strong academic collaborations needed to take their business to the next level.


Recruitment can be one of the biggest challenges facing start-ups and small businesses that want to scale at pace.

With our support, our community of businesses has created over 175 new full-time jobs, over the past 12 months alone. This includes 52 full-time positions for graduates from the University of Leeds, 32 undergraduate internships and placements and 29 postgraduate research internships.

Being part of the Nexus community has helped us reach the right people at the right time


Hear from Naudia Salmon, Founder of We Drifters, about how she’s making the most of being part of the Nexus community.

Tapping into our community of innovators has helped Naudia have the right conversations at the right time.

It gives us credibility to have the Nexus badge alongside our own

Adrian Brown from itecho health

Itecho Health joined the Nexus community in 2019.

Since then, the business has grown rapidly with the support of the Nexus team, who have helped with access to funding streams, grant applications and mock interviews. With Nexus’ support, the company successfully secured £2.2 million of funding from the National Institute of Health Research.

People networking in the Nexus Atrium at Nexus Connect


If you’re interested in connecting with the Nexus community, then Nexus Connect is the perfect opportunity. Our next event is on Wednesday 9 November, find out more below.

Nexus Connect brings innovators together to make meaningful connections, discuss new ideas, share common areas of interest and discover opportunities for collaboration.

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Making connections that count
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