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Digital technology now touches nearly every aspect of our lives, and the challenge organisations face is rarely lack of data, but how to make best use of the data they have. Our continued investment in infrastructure and new technologies enables us to provide research expertise and data-driven solutions to a wide-range of partners from the public and private sector.

Optimising value from data

Collaborative data analytics research at Leeds is having significant impacts on society, from enhancing cancer guidelines and patient care programmes to informing commercial strategy and public policy analysis. The University is a key partner in the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s prestigious national institute for data science. The University and the Turing have a shared commitment to make great leaps in data science research in order to change the world for the better.

Data-driven insights to improve healthcare

Interdisciplinary research in health informatics at the interface between the clinic and high-volume data sets. Generating new insights into the factors that drive disease and providing indicators that inform treatment, leading to more personalised medicine and healthcare. With major projects in oncology, cardiovascular disease, rheumatology and wound care. Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) also links with pioneering work in the NHS on The Leeds Care Record, a unique patient data resource which spans primary, secondary and social care boundaries.

Urban Analytics

Cities today are capturing big data from scanners, sensors, wireless apps and business transactions which are varied, voluminous and fast-moving. These data can be exploited for the effective management of assets and services including transport, energy, housing, schools and hospitals. Our urban analytics programme combines varied perspectives from social science, engineering and physical science with artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling and simulation to provide unique insights for research, public policy and business decisions.

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Understanding patterns of consumer behaviour

Retail and consumer industries are constantly changing; analysing data can help us to better understand them in terms of business resilience, customer mobility and changing buying habits. The Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) is working with consumer data shared by private and public sector organisations – in retail, housing, energy, transport, local authorities etc. - to produce a highly detailed picture of the patterns of consumer behaviour across the UK.

Novel data mining and visualisation

Data visualisation projects are developing novel data mining and visualisation tools and techniques to transform people’s ability to analyse quantitative and coded longitudinal data. Examples include health analysts needing to provide intelligence for clinical commissioning decisions; supermarkets wanting to combine data from purchasing, demographic and other sources to understand consumer behaviour and guide investment; public and private sector organisations that require more powerful analytics tools than are currently available.

Human-centred augmented and virtual realities

Immersive Technologies, AI, and analytics expertise enables digital solutions for rapid prototyping (enhanced user-centred design), learning acceleration, and fast market assessment (visualising and interacting with data generated worlds). Paradigm shifting research, founded on human-centred augmented, virtual and mixed reality capabilities, enables new approaches to: transport (traffic simulation); health (facilitating surgical training and augmenting diagnostic medicine through visualisation of complex structures); education (virtual fieldtrips); fintech (data driven insights and predictive analytics); marketing (retail experiences); entertainment (immersive live events). Collaborators include: government; healthcare/financial providers; museums; schools/universities; business.

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