Bringing healthcare solutions to the UK – Smart Crowding’s story

Thomas talking to someone

Norwegian healthcare business Smart Crowding is striving to tackle an ongoing issue in the health industry, developing software for hospitals to reduce overcrowding through patient flow and planning.

Having decided to expand its business into the UK, Smart Crowding has since made strong connections in the domestic market with the help of Nexus. Initially, the company enrolled in the Propel boot camp – an accelerator programme for innovative digital health businesses run by Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber, with Nexus being a key partner in delivering the course.

Thomas Ims, Business Developer of Smart Crowding, said the partnership has already brought excellent results for the company and its visibility.

“Nexus has been proactively working on my behalf to increase Smart Crowding’s network and we are very grateful for that, because that’s work that’s hard to do remotely.”

“Just today when we talked to people, they’re already familiar with Smart Crowding. And it's more people than we've talked to, so somebody else must have been helping us behind the scenes, making good quality connections for us.”

Thomas added that the connection with Nexus made Smart Crowding feel like part of a community within the UK market, even though the business is still currently based overseas.

“It makes the establishment of our UK entity easier, more lean, and it seemed like a good fit. We really liked, not only the programme, but the people we met and felt we had a connection with this place.”

Smart Crowding made the decision to expand into the UK after visiting Leeds, a dynamic and connected northern city that is highly attuned to innovative businesses. Nexus makes those connections happen.

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