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At Nexus, our community has over 100 members and is growing fast. Below is a list of some of the businesses we’re working with.

You can also view our case studies to learn more about why some of our members joined and how working with Nexus has benefitted them.

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4-Xtra technologies company logo.
Andel logo
APEX Evangelists Logo
Apollo Health Innovations logo
Atlas Endoscopy logo
Auxetec logo (new)
Curenetics logo
Dedalus logo
Dietary Assessment Logo
diverse and equal logo
Earthchain logo
Edge Analytics Logo
Logo for member business, Enable2.
Explic8 logo
Research loops
Fundamentals First Logo
GMAP Analytics Logo
Green Gain Logo
Company logo for Hyivy Health.
Invibio logo
Itecho Health
Keracol Logo
Key Engineering Solutions Logo
Ledidi logo
Purple background with the word 'Lifted' on.
Ligentia Logo
Little Journey Company Logo
Company logo for Lunah Support.
Madras Mindworks Company Logo
medwise.ai logo
Menken Logo
Mimetrik Logo
Overlap Associates logo
Company logo for PD2X
Peili Vision Company Logo
Pinpoint logo
Research Tookit logo
SatSense logo
Scaled Insights logo
See AI Logo
Company logo for Simplimedica.
Slingshot Simulations Logo
Snowflake logo
SPARK logo
Tougher Minds Logo
Tracsis logo
Uniphy Logo
Vet-AI Logo
Videregen logo
We Are Social Enterprise (WASE) logo.
Wellola logo
Yondar Logo