Filming and Photography at Nexus

Any organisation or individual wanting to film or take photographs at Nexus must first obtain permission. Consent is granted by the Nexus Marketing and Hospitality teams. 

We receive many filming requests from our member businesses, University colleagues, broadcasters and TV/Film production companies. We look at each of these requests on a case-by-case basis. 

All filming or photography requests need to give clear information on who or what they are filming and confirm whether Nexus (or Nexus branding) will be included in the final output. 



To request permission to film or photograph in Nexus please email with the following details: 

  • when and where* you would like to film 
  • the nature and intended use of your film/audio/photographs 
  • the expected size of the crew and onsite team 
  • the name of the organisation you represent 
  • a contact name, phone number and email address 

Requests for filming with TV/film/entertainment outputs will be quoted at a competitive location fee. 

*If you are wanting to film outside the building, additional consent will be required from the University of Leeds. Your contact will advise where this is necessary.


Permission to film or photograph at Nexus is subject to you adhering to our filming and photography guidelines. Nexus reserves the right to withdraw permission where failure to adhere to the guidance occurs. 

To ensure that you get all the images or footage that you require and that our member businesses and activity in the building are not disrupted, please follow these simple guidelines: 

  • Whilst in the Nexus building, you are expected to comply with Nexus’ Health and Safety Policy. This requires you to take reasonable care for both your own health and safety and that of others. If you have any concerns or queries about health and safety hazards associated with your filming or photography at Nexus, please raise them with your Nexus contact.
  • All filming, interviews and photography must be arranged directly through the Nexus Marketing Team, not with any other member the Nexus team or a third party.
  • Please arrive at the agreed time, reporting to Reception on arrival to be checked in and when you leave to confirm you and all equipment is leaving the site.
  • Before the filming date, please liaise with your Nexus contact to confirm the details of your activity and make them aware of any changes to the initial request. 
  • If there are changes to the agreed timings and locations on the day, we cannot commit to accommodating these. As such, where significant activity is taking place, we advise that you recce the location prior to the intended filming or photography date, this can be arranged via your Nexus contact.
  • Nexus is a working building so can be noisy, especially around the meeting and events space and café areas. Please bear this in mind when planning your filming.
  • The Marketing and Hospitality teams reserve the right to stop filming or photography activity if it is over-running or the crew has arrived late to Nexus. This can be negotiated but will be subject to other activity within the building. 
  • Nexus is a working building and people using the building may move through your shots or be seated in the background. As a courtesy, you should make people who are in shot aware, so they can choose to move if they wish. If there are people sat outside of the area in which you have been given permission to film, we cannot ask them to move.

    You should only ask for an image consent form to be completed if the photo will appear with identifying details such as a person’s name and business.If someone has been invited to appear in the background of a photo or to attend a group photo shoot, an image consent form is not required as long as no identifying details are published with the photos. Instead, just advise them in advance of the intended purpose of the images. You should also let them know that you may share the photos with other people attending the shoot for personal use, so they can decide if they want to take part.
  • You are required to keep your team and equipment within the area you have been given permission to film in. If you require additional space to store equipment please speak to your Nexus contact, please note a charge for this may apply. 

 All filming and photography is subject to negotiated terms and conditions as outlined by the Marketing team. Depending on scale of the activity, a hire charge may apply and we reserve the right to apply an administration/staffing charge. 

Further information