Vet-AI’s story

Paul Hallett from Vet-AI talking to a group round a table in Nexus.

Vet-AI is one of the most exciting health-tech companies in the UK. It offers rapid access to veterinary professionals via its innovative Joii Pet Care application. 

The company has gone from strength to strength in the last four years. It’s an excellent example of how Nexus can be an integral part of business development and innovation.

Vet-AI was one of the earliest companies to team up with Nexus – the first tenant to secure a place in the building due to a chance encounter with Nexus Director Dr Martin Stow in a coffee shop.  

Since it joined Nexus, Vet-AI has dramatically expanded, with more than 100 employees and over 300,000 online customers. The partnership with Nexus has been instrumental in achieving this growth.

Nexus has given us a robust platform to scientifically validate what we were going to build

Through Nexus, the company has successfully undertaken two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’s) with the University of Leeds, a programme which allows a qualified graduate or postgraduate to work within the business. The company has also hired several PhD interns through the partnership, some of whom have become full-time employees. 

Vet-AI CEO and co-founder Paul Hallett said the rate of growth within his business has been “extraordinary”, and the facility to bring strategic partners into the boardroom has enabled the company to shape the future of pet healthcare.

Nexus has been a big support in a number of different ways. Access to talent, from design and business school, and access to academics has been massive for us as we built the foundations for the future of the industry

Paul highlighted the collective benefits of Nexus, a dynamic space where innovative businesses can network with a wide range of entrepreneurs and stakeholders to maximise a company’s potential. 

The best thing about being part of the Nexus community is the collaboration effect. The mix of minds. There's a fusion there that's quite special

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