Videregen’s story

Dr Steve Bloor is the founder of Videregen, an innovative tissue engineering company. He has over 30 years’ experience working in the medical sector.

Videregen aims to build organ replacements using tissues and patient stem cells. Their innovative technology has potential applications across many disease areas.

Videregen joined Nexus in 2021 after recognising the many benefits the community could provide.

Nexus is home to many companies operating in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. The Leeds city region is widely recognised for its expertise in these areas. Joining this vibrant community was a key driver behind Videregen’s move.

The Nexus team have helped Videregen find collaborators and partners at the University of Leeds. They have also connected them with colleagues at the local and regional hospital trusts.

One of the reasons we want to be in Nexus... is the proximity to the University where there is some great science going on in biomedical engineering. Access to all the hospital facilities, the staff expertise and the different departments is key to us, because ultimately what we do in this lab needs to transfer into clinical realities

Access to a lab in Nexus has helped Videregen to secure funding that was not accessible to them before.

With support from the Nexus team, they secured £500,000 from Innovate UK. This has played a key part in facilitating the company’s growth.

Being based at Nexus has allowed Videregen to brings its team together in one location. This enables greater collaboration, sense of community and operational oversight.

The Nexus team here have developed a community and the Nexus team care about what happens to the community. It does feel like we have a lot of support from the team and the community

Being part of the Nexus community has helped Videregen realise a number of benefits to their business. If you think your company would benefit from the support on offer through Nexus membership, get in touch today.