Remote Notes – Emma Lister

Emma Lister, Nexus Marketing & Events Executive walking her dog through the woods

Twenty thousand steps a day around the Nexus building is a regular thing for Emma Lister the Nexus Marketing and Events Executive. Alongside Alan Gallacher, Network and Events Manager, it’s Emma’s role to deliver the wide range of events that Nexus organises for members and stakeholders and that means she’s constantly rushing around the building and the University campus.

How has your role changed with remote working?

It’s a big change for me – we are usually focussed on bringing people together at physical events from workshop style Lunch and Learn sessions to large conferences and seminars. Social distancing means we need to deliver the same sense of community and engagement, but without ever being able to physically get people together. We are working on creating valuable virtual networking and learning events that address the needs of our audiences and ensures they can be as productive as possible as we all adjust to this changing environment.


What’s the best thing about working from home? And what do you find the hardest?

I’m enjoying not having to manage a long commute. It’s given me more time to exercise and walk my dog. I’ve got a nice morning routine going and I’m loving the opportunity to linger over my coffee rather than rush for the early morning train. Without a doubt, the hardest thing for me has been the limits on exercise. I’m a regular gym-goer and I’m really missing it, especially group exercise like spinning and instructor-led classes. With that said, it has given me the opportunity to be innovative and try new styles of exercise, I maybe wouldn’t have considered before. It’s a tough situation for so many people but I’m trying to use it to create opportunities and try new things.


What are you doing to help yourself stay positive and cope with the new normal?

I’ve set up a little gym in the garage. I live with my parents at the moment, so I’ve taken on training my dad and continue to try new things to keep it interesting. I have even been sparring with my sister. For me it’s about keeping busy, fortunately I am lucky enough to live close by to a lot of woodland and so I’m finding getting outside and observing nature is a real boost, that’s something I definitely would like to continue to do.

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