Remote Notes – Mark Tock

In the second from our remote notes series we spend time with Mark Tock, Nexus Operations Director, to hear about how he’s adapted to keep things running smoothly under challenging circumstances.

Mark Tock sitting in front of his laptop in his remote working environment

Very few people know what it feels like to have the Nexus building to themselves, but as Operations Managing Director at Nexus, Mark Tock has recently discovered that the space feels very different when we’re not there. Mark and his team of ten are responsible for the day-to-day running of all Nexus’ facilities and services, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and enabling members to focus on their businesses.

As the COVID-19 measures began to take effect at the end of March, Mark had been in his role for just five months. In the past few weeks, he has overseen all the changes that have had to happen to make Nexus a safe place to work as the pandemic unfolds.


How has your role changed with remote working?

My role has transformed in the space of a few weeks – although my objective is still the same – to help Nexus members run profitable, successful businesses.

Usually it’s all about providing the physical environment they need and solving issues that arise as a result of the unique, unpredictable nature of human beings. At the moment we’re working hard to ensure that members can access what they need in the building while providing virtual solutions where we can. It’s easy to take the Nexus building and the community within it for granted when you’re there every day, but it’s an amazing space. Normally it’s packed full of people collaborating on different projects, attending events or meetings, it’s very much a hive of activity. At the moment it feels very different. It’s like the building is waiting for its people to return.


What’s the best thing about working from home? And what do you find the hardest?

The best thing about the change to working from home has actually been the way it has accelerated my opportunity to get to meet all of our members. I have been at Nexus for just over six months now and I was starting to meet members gradually. The rapid and significant changes we had to make required me to connect with people more quickly and that has been very positive.

And the worst? I have found it hard to establish a daily routine and to pace myself – I’ve got into the habit of putting on a work shirt as a signal to myself.


What are you doing to help yourself stay positive and cope with the new normal?

Not having to commute every day has given me about three hours a day that I wouldn’t usually have. I’ve been using the morning commute slot for exercise or outdoor activity. In the evening I have been cooking and I’ve even dusted off my sketch book with a new tattoo in mind.

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