Remote Notes – Alan Gallacher

Photo of Alan Gallacher, Nexus Network & Events Manager sat at his home office and smiling to camera

We caught up with Alan Gallacher, Nexus Network & Events Manager, for a virtual coffee to see how he’s been getting on over the past few months.

Alan talks us through how Nexus has transitioned to deliver a fully virtual events programme and how he’s enjoyed exploring the potential that technology might offer as we move forwards.

How has your role changed with remote working?

Clearly, my role managing the events that take place at Nexus has been changed significantly by the need for physical distancing, although events have by no means stopped. Instead we have re-focused our events programme to deliver virtual events for members, with a focus on information sharing and community.

I love the hustle and bustle of bringing people together in the Nexus building, but the crisis has given us the stimulus to really explore the potential of technology that we haven’t needed to rely on before. This has been really positive and in future I can see us opening up events at Nexus more widely with a hybrid approach that enables participation in person and online.

Whatever the delivery method my intention is to create and deliver events that add value – so we’re working hard to adapt and respond to the changing needs of our network of members and stakeholders.


What successes have you noticed working from home? And what do you find the hardest?

I think it has been interesting to see that we don’t need to be so present in the workplace in order to be productive and work effectively. Remote working has given me space to focus on detailed strategic work and because our team has maintained conversations and relationships proactively from the outset, I still feel like we’re working together. But I like the separation of work and home and I miss the routines of walking from home to work and back again.


What are you most looking forward to?

I live right in the heart of Leeds city centre. Although I live alone, the vibrant, busy location of my home means I am never isolated. I’m looking forward to the gradual re-opening of the shops, bars and restaurants that make our city so lively and fun.

From a work point of view, we have lots to look forward to in the coming months. The hybrid events I mentioned, and possibly online-only events will be really interesting to develop and deliver as part of the long term events programme I’m keen to balance the online Zoom-fatigue we’re all experiencing with really valuable content and convenience.


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