Game On: Nexus Leads the Way as the First Local Company to Join the UK Corporate Games 2024

Photograph of the Nexus team smiling to camera.

Nexus has signed up for the UK Corporate Games 2024 taking place in Leeds, next July. We’re proud to be the first local company to sign up for the 2024 Games, which aligns strongly with our commitment to fostering connections and growth within the community.

The UK Corporate Games brings together companies of varying sizes and industries for a friendly yet competitive showdown in various sports and activities. It offers an extraordinary platform for networking, team building, employee engagement and promoting an active lifestyle. Nexus is grasping this unique opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to both our community network and the Leeds business ecosystem.

We believe that participating in the UK Corporate Games aligns perfectly with our values of building relationships within the community. “We’re thrilled to be the first local company to join the UK Corporate Games 2024 in Leeds,” said Gareth Scargill, Nexus Director. “Our goal has always been to help our members realise their ambitions, foster innovation, and facilitate growth. Joining this event not only encourages teamwork and physical wellness but also reinforces the sense of community we have built here at Nexus.”

Nexus encourages all businesses, whether large or small, to come together and embrace the spirit of unity and collaboration. The UK Corporate Games offers a variety of sports and activities open to all, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy their experience. It’s an opportunity for the city’s business network to come together; forge connections, encourage teamwork, and have fun while doing it.

As Nexus gears up for the UK Corporate Games 2024, the anticipation and excitement within Leeds continues to build. “Since the announcement of the 2024 Games, we have had a fantastic response from the City of Leeds. We are thrilled to welcome the Nexus team into the UK Corporate Games 2024” said Doug White, Games Director.

2 colleagues walking happily outside of the Nexus building.


Join the Nexus team for the UK Corporate Games 2024 in Leeds. From July 25-28, the city will host the country’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses.

The current programme includes 19 sports for you to get involved in. Let us know if you want to take part by sign up here.