Itecho Health to transform care for prostate cancer patients

Itecho Health is poised to transform care for advanced prostate cancer patients, thanks to funding by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). Their innovative digital health platform, AscelusTM, aims to reduce the frequent hospital visits commonplace among patients, easing pressure on healthcare systems and enhancing patient convenience.   

As part of its dedication to developing digital health solutions in long-term conditions, Itecho Health has been at the forefront of leveraging technology and health expertise to transform patient care.  

Built in close collaboration with academics and clinicians, Itecho Health’s achievement is the first of its kind in advanced prostate cancer – tailored to improve patient experience and minimise hospital appointments for these men who are generally over 70yrs. 

The grant from NIHR’s Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme sets stage for the platform’s further expansion and development, which will diversify patient range. Future research will focus on outcomes for younger men, and others who are underrepresented in research, including black men who have a four times higher risk of prostate cancer. Similarly, following its success in the elderly cohort, Itecho Health believes there is an expansive scope for AscelusTM to reach patients earlier in the disease. Itecho Health’s research indicates that if all men were to use the technology it would save the NHS nearly £7 million a year due to a 50 per cent reduction in face-to-face appointments.  

A phone and latop screen showcasing a new website.

Commenting on the announcement Dr. Adrian Brown, CEO and co-founder of Itecho health, said: “By enabling patients to record symptoms, receive clinical advice, test results, check for medication interactions, and even book appointments using their handheld devices, AscelusTM is a significant step in streamlining treatment processes. The Ascelus platform represents a major advancement in the goal to use cutting-edge technology to improve patient care.” 

Professor Mike Lewis, NIHR Scientific Director for Innovation, is pleased to support the project. “Itecho Health is pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology with AscelusTM. We are proud to fund a project that directly works towards improving the level of care and convenience for prostate cancer patients,” he said.  

Expressing their bright outlook on the platform’s future, Itecho Health acknowledges the critical support provided by Nexus, which facilitated funding and grant applications. Since becoming part of the Nexus community in 2019, Itecho Health has experienced continued growth and achieved success in their initiatives. Gareth Scargill, Director at Nexus, shares his excitement for the future growth of Itecho Health, saying: “As an active member of the Nexus community, it’s fantastic to witness the groundbreaking strides Itecho Health is making in the field of prostate cancer care. Their dedication to harnessing advanced technology to improve patient experience is truly inspiring.”  

The platform’s practically is highlighted by its high levels of acceptance among a traditionally digitally challenged group. Professor Janet Brown, Clinical Consultant Oncologist, expressed satisfaction with the outcome. “The initial acceptance of AscelusTM among our patient group is encouraging. It gives us hope that digital health platforms can considerably enhance patient care, even among populations that are typically slower to adopt new technologies,”.  

The UK struggles under the severity of prostate cancer, with 52,000 men diagnosed and 12,000 dying every year. As the most common male cancer worldwide, with 1 in 7 men getting it, prostate cancer treatment and management are high on the Department of Health’s agenda. AscelusTM ushers in a brighter, technology-driven medical future where the emphasis moves beyond solely extending life expectancy to greatly enhancing the quality of care.