The Revolution of Work


As we enter a recovery phase, the future of work is a much-debated topic for businesses up and down the country. And yet, amongst the noise there is little dialogue around the solutions to innovation, investment in technology, flexible working options and the need for offices in the future. Businesses are searching for solutions and guidance as much now as they were during the height of the pandemic. With so much set to change, knowing what to believe and what to prioritise isn’t a simple task.

Keen to provide answers in these uncertain times, Nexus has teamed up with CBI Economics to shine a light on the topic and resolve the much-asked question; what does the future of work look like?

In partnership with CBI Economics, Nexus has explored and researched the opinions of over 300 businesses covering a range of sectors, such as services, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, education and construction, to provide a fresh data-driven perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on the Revolution of Work.

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Culminating in a compelling study, which is available for download here, the report showcases the current concerns and challenges facing businesses across a wealth of sectors, as well as expert advice, insight and support on what businesses can do to prepare for the Revolution of Work.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Only 5% of businesses plan to entirely return to a physical office post-pandemic, indicating a radical change.
  • Remote working has been positive for productivity, but 70% of companies think collaborative working has been negatively impacted. With 83% believing valuable “water cooler” conversations are missed.
  • 61% of businesses say it is harder to stay connected with colleagues when working remotely or in a hybrid model.
  • 60% of businesses feel maintaining client/partner relationships has been made harder when working remotely.
  • 88% of businesses highlight at least one barrier to innovation, with lack of funding, lack of time, and lack of access to skills and talent most commonly cited as the biggest barriers.

The partnership and research is further supported by thought leadership insight, alongside an event which will take place in September to further explore the report findings and discuss tangible solutions to overcome challenges presented by the pandemic in the future.

To access the report or register to attend our September event, visit our Revolution of Work hub here.

As we embark on a new way of working, we hope our partnership with CBI Economics supports you and your business in preparing for the future.

If you would like to discover more about how Nexus can support your future business growth by connecting you with partners, expertise and talent within the Nexus community at the University of Leeds get in touch with us.


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