Leading nanotechnology specialist joins Nexus as first community member business

Leading nanotechnology specialist, MagGenome Pvt Ltd, has joined Nexus as its first community member business.

MagGenome Technologies develop magnetic nanoparticle-based technology for use in the life science, pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering industries. Its team of 40 senior microbiologists and biotechnologists based in Tamil Nadu in India, signed up as a Nexus community member this month as part of its international expansion plans.

Dr Martin Stow, Nexus Director, said: “We are extremely proud that MagGenome has chosen Nexus as its base for the expansion of its business across the UK and internationally. MagGenome’s founder and CEO, Dr CN Ramchand is globally renowned for his work in drug discovery, nanotechnology and nutraceuticals and his company is responsible for developing leading edge applications for magnetic, nanoparticle-based products.

“Our community membership option was a perfect solution for the business, giving them seamless access to the brilliant academics and researchers at the University of Leeds, from their base in India. Many other businesses, both here in the UK and overseas, are contacting us to discuss that option. It provides perfect flexibility for companies as we move forward and the future office evolves.”


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Lakshmi Maithel, Head of International Business Development at MagGenome, said: “Nexus launching a community membership option was perfect timing for us. We have ambitious international expansion plans and this gives us the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the University of Leeds, initially from our base in India, but with a view to recruiting staff and taking physical space at Nexus in the future.

“Our uncoated magnetic nanoparticle-based products are making biomedical research more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional methods. They’re used across a wide range of applications, including DNA extraction kits in healthcare and crime scene investigation, as well as in soil extraction to analyse and improve crop yield. We’re seeing tremendous results.”

Community membership was launched by Nexus at the beginning of the year, in order to attract businesses which might not need physical space in the Nexus building, but could still benefit from seamless access to the skills and talent at the University and support for their growth and development.

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