Leeds researchers seek human behaviour insights in COVID-19 survey

World-leading human behaviour specialists from the University of Leeds have joined forces with Artificial Intelligence innovators Scaled Insights, to analyse our attitudes and behaviour in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nexus members, Scaled Insights have received approval from the Research Ethics committee of the School of Psychology for the survey, which will explore the rapidly changing impact the crisis is having on the way we live.

Led by Dr Stuart Flint, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University and Scaled Insights company president, the survey will provide much needed data about how the general population have responded to the coronavirus outbreak. Study findings will be used to inform public health services, charities and government about the impact of coronavirus and the associated impacts, and may be used to design the provision of support services for people who have been affected, as well infrastructure to support recovery. Dr Flint comments:

“Being part of the Nexus community means that the AI expertise of Scaled Insights can be combined with the academic expertise of the University, to work in true collaboration. The research will use natural language processing – a computer’s ability to interpret and analyse human language, including our emotions and sentiment – to identify patterns and better understand how personality can influence our attitudes and behaviours.

“These are very challenging times and the more we can help to inform our policy makers and professionals with human behavioural insights during the pandemic and as we navigate our way out of this crisis, the better we will be able to respond to current concerns and issues and prepare for those we will face in the future.”

Director of Nexus, Dr Martin Stow comments: “It is great to see Nexus member businesses supporting the response to the COVID-19 crisis. This work is vital to understand the impact of the pandemic in social terms.”

Internationally recognised for his insights and expertise in behavioural change psychology, Dr Flint is well known for his work with national healthcare charities and is also a major contributor to the work of the NHS, Public Health England and All-Party Parliamentary Groups on healthcare issues.