World-class researcher joins Nexus community

A world-leading human behaviour specialist from the University of Leeds has joined forces with AI innovators Scaled Insights, as the company expands its ground-breaking behavioural change solutions across the healthcare, education and financial services sectors.

Based at Nexus, the University’s innovation hub, Scaled Insights has appointed Dr Stuart Flint, Associate Professor of Psychology, as company president.

Scaled Insights Chief Relationship Officer, Barry Singleton, said: “Dr Flint has led a range of attitude and behaviour change projects relating to weight management, exercise and smoking cessation.

“He brings a huge amount of expertise and experience to our team, which will add immense value to our core technology, which we’re expanding into a wide range of applications in healthcare, personalised education and financial services. Changing behaviours can be of enormous value across so many areas, from health and well-being, to personal development and managing debt.

“Bridging the gap between business and academia was the very reason we chose to locate to Nexus and being part of that community has enabled us to make this connection and forge a truly collaborative working relationship.”

Dr Stuart Flint said: “Academic collaboration with industry is the future. With a foot firmly placed in academia and one in Scaled Insights, I will have the opportunity to demonstrate key impact, in terms of the development of policy, changing healthcare approaches and where relevant, improving treatment.”

Nexus Collaboration Manager, Dr Harrison Evans added: “Knowledge transfer is truly a two-way street and in our first year, Nexus is already seeing major benefits for businesses and the University of Leeds as they collaborate on innovations which are set to revolutionise healthcare on a global scale.”