Nexus meets… Curenetics

In our Nexus Meets series, we chat to members of our community to learn more about them and who they’d like to work with.

Image of Georgie Powell from the Nexus meets series.

This time we spoke to Georgie Powell from Curenetics.

Watch the video and read the transcript of our conversation below.


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Georgie Powell. I work as a Founder Associate at Curenetics. I joined about a year ago after I finished my Masters at Kings in medical law and ethics, where I also did a submodule in AI. So that’s how I found the niche of healthcare AI.

What does Curenetics do?

We have an AI platform that predicts response to immunotherapy treatment in cancer patients.

The current biomarkers that predict immunotherapy response sit at about a 15 – 20% success rate, which is very low. It’s also very expensive and causes toxicity in about 55% of patients.

So, we take clinical, genomic, and imaging data, and we run it through our AI platform and predict immunotherapy response with about an 80% accuracy. This is significantly higher than current biomarkers.

How are you looking to develop your business?

Over the next year, we’re looking to begin the commercialisation process. We want to gain regulatory approval and collaborate with any organisations who want to run pilot studies to further validate our results.

Who in our community are you looking to collaborate with?

We’re looking to collaborate with any hospital or research organisation that wants to run a pilot study. Or someone who’s looking to analyse any type of data, even if it is not related to immunotherapy.

Our technology is quite ‘generalisable’, so anyone who has any type of data which we can analyse, we’d love to collaborate with.


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