Nexus meets … Earthchain

In our Nexus Meets series, we chat to members of our community to learn more about them and who they’d like to work with.

Photograph of Dan Graf, CEO of Earthchain.

This time we spoke to Dan Graf from Earthchain.

Watch the video and read the transcript of our conversation below.


Tell us about yourself?

I’m Dan Graff, the CEO and co-founder of a company called Earthchain, based here at Nexus. My background is in digital payments technology. In Fintech, I used to build software processing debit and credit card transactions, but my passion is for sustainability. 

With my company Earthchain, I want to see what we can do with data, data science, machine learning and AI to solve some exceedingly difficult problems in carbon accounting.  

What does Earthchain do?

Earthchain is a digital platform which enables businesses to report on their emissions and automates the data gathering process. 

One of the real difficulties now is that businesses who find themselves in complex supply chains are unable to fully account for the carbon emissions or greenhouse gas emissions of other businesses below them in the supply chain.

So, Earthchain creates the ability to integrate with software and data so that we can automate as much of that data gathering and assurance process as possible. 

How are you looking to develop your business?

At the moment, we’re looking to improve what you might call ‘product-market fit’ to make sure that the platform delivers exactly the right tools to help solve the difficult puzzles. This involves working with several different businesses to co-develop the product while funding the business, and investing in the business to grow our capabilities. 

What we want to do is find the most appropriate niche for Earthchain because carbon accounting applies to any kind of business. But the approach, for example, for a steelworks, is completely different to the approach for a professional services company.

And, for that reason, we want to explore different kinds of business, different kinds of data, and ensure that what we deliver is the most appropriate tool for the right sector. 

Who in our community are you looking to collaborate with?

We’re looking to collaborate with other businesses who find themselves in a situation where there are barriers to reporting their carbon emissions and even worse, find themselves in supply chains where their suppliers are unable to deliver carbon emissions information as well. 

So with other community members here at Nexus, and with Nexus itself, we can connect to their data, help them to automate their greenhouse gas emissions disclosures and measurements and then reach out down their supply chains to enable them to prompt their suppliers to deliver their carbon emissions reporting too. 


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