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Case Studies

At Nexus, we have a proven track record of helping our members to deliver commercial impact. Discover how working with Nexus has enabled these businesses to innovate and grow.

Dr Helen Hughes, Associate Professor, Socio-Technical Centre & Workplace Behaviour Research Centre, University of Leeds

The University of Leeds Perspective
The Nexus community is made up of lots of different audiences including members of the academic community.

Here we share some of their insights about working with Nexus over the last 12 months.

University of Leeds Perspective
Scaled Insights colleague Barry Singleton

Analysing our attitudes and behaviour in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
AI innovators Scaled Insights are proof that collaboration between entrepreneurs and academics is beneficial.

The company are collaborating widely across the University, and are reaping the rewards of the network of valuable connections available through Nexus.

Scaled Insights' Story
The Vet-AI team in the Nexus building

Transforming pet care through the use of technology
One of the UK’s most exciting vet-tech startups, Vet-AI is a great example of how Nexus is supporting regional businesses.

Nexus’ strategic approach to working with Vet AI has helped to generate substantial benefits for both business and The University. Through offering seamless access to skills and talent across the University, Vet-AI has recruited three MSc students to re-design the company’s flagship app.

VET-AI's Story
A collection of selfies, in a grid format showing the Slingshot Simulations team making up a remote team photot

Reducing NOx levels in one of the UK's most polluted streets
Slingshot are leading a pollution-tackling “Breathing City” project with Scaled Insights, GMAP Analytics and Edge Analytics

Following an introduction to Leeds City Council at a Nexus event, and also working with the Open Data Institute, Slingshot are confronting “what if” scenarios to expose the real impact of pollution and improve the health of people in cities without adversely affecting their day to day lives.

Breathing City Project

Transforming keyhole surgery procedures around the world
Pd-m is collaborating with the University of Leeds & the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Pd-m is a team of designers and innovative thinkers creating smart products that people need and that make lives better.

Pd-m's Story
Phone displaying ascelus app

Improving the success of fertility treatment and long-term conditions
Itecho Health & the University of Leeds

With help from our collaboration team, Itecho Health joined forces with one of the University of Leeds’ leading academics in Exercise Science and a consultant in Reproductive Medicine at Leeds Fertility to work on a collaborative project.

Itecho Health's Story

Reducing food waste and increasing profits for ASDA
A collaborative research project with ASDA that significantly reduced food waste and increased brand loyalty.

ASDA and the University of Leeds established a research collaboration to identify, develop, implement and measure a range of strategies to change food waste behaviours and inform new product development.

ASDA Research Project
Close up view of testing equipment

Improving health and wealth through research, innovation, product development, high level skills and training
The Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering has a long standing research partnership with DePuy Synthes.

Extending over 17 yrs, the partnership supports research, innovation, product development, high level skills and training. It has led to improved understanding of joint replacements for millions of patients worldwide, new simulation test methods and equipment, and improved international ISO standards.

DePuy Synthes Projects
Aerial shot of Leeds City Square at night

Identifying stress through magnetism
A pipeline inspection technology that can detect defects in buried steel pipelines and 3D map them at the same time.

The technology was successfully tested on above-ground pipelines, in collaboration with energy and infrastructure company National Grid and the standards, classification and risk management company DNV GL. These tests were followed by further successful field trails on buried pipes to fully validate the technology. Spier Hunter commercialised the technology and brought it to market in 2015, applying for three patents to protect the intellectual property.

Working with National Grid