SingFit’s story

Rachel attending an event

A US-based healthcare company with an innovative approach to treatment is readying its launch into the UK market. SingFit delivers music – specifically singing – as an intervention for a range of health conditions.

The business was keen to expand into the UK market after visiting Leeds and attending the Propel boot camp – an accelerator programme for innovative digital health businesses run by Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber, with Nexus being a key partner in delivering the course.

Rachel Francine, CEO of SingFit, said the UK market was important to her business, as the NHS already recognises that musical therapy is highly effective, adding that Nexus and Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber had helped the business settle into the UK.

“They sat us in a room on the first day and really explained to us in great detail how the NHS works and, more importantly, how it doesn't work, so we didn't have to spend a lot of time and energy into deciding and investigating whether it was a good market for us. I learned all of that in the first two days.”

Rachel also noted that follow-up communication from Nexus had been invaluable for the company’s next steps, making the expansion process quick and straightforward.

“With startups, your resources are very limited, so to have that through the process was incredibly helpful. It's been under two years since we first came to the Propel camp. And what's next for us is we're launching at the end of this year.”

SingFit made the decision to expand into the UK after visiting Leeds, a dynamic and connected northern city that is highly attuned to innovative businesses. Nexus makes those connections happen.

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