Nexus meets… Focus Facilitation

In our Nexus Meets series, we chat to members of our community to learn more about them and who they’d like to work with. 

Jeremy Warhurst from Focus Facilitations

This time, we spoke to Jeremy Warhurst from Focus Facilitation.

Watch the video and read the transcript of our conversation below. 



I’m Jeremy Warhurst, director of Focus Facilitation. My background is finance, accounting, information systems, data, knowledge engineering, and how all of those things can help organisations solve problems.

What does Focus Facilitation do? 

What we do is we create concepts, models, techniques and tools to help bring the best practices of knowledge working, information working, and data working to bear on challenges and blockages that organisations have. We try and help them resolve things that are particularly large or complex or important to them.  

How are you looking to develop your business? 

We’re looking to develop our business by talking to lots of people that are typically directors or founders who have a challenge or the need to make a breakthrough with something related to their organisation that can be addressed using knowledge engineering, information engineering, and data engineering.

Who are you looking to collaborate with? 

Actually, we’re looking to collaborate with any organisation that’s experiencing some kind of blockage, but specifically with startups and growth companies. And that’s why it’s great to be at Nexus because there’s a lot of those guys around. We’ve already made a lot of strides with our tools and techniques as a result of talking to Nexus members, and we just want to do a lot more of that. 


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