Nexus Venture Mentoring Service – Mentor Application

Nexus Venture Mentoring Service (NVMS) supports the leaders of our high growth tech-based members to develop, grow and expand their network.

Based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology VMS model, we share the belief that start-ups are far more likely to thrive when the entrepreneur can draw on the advice and guidance of a group of mentors with proven skills and experience.

Following the pilot of NVMS with Nexus members, we will expand mentoring to support our new Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship Programme. This will provide a significant boost for innovation engagement across targeted cohorts of early career academics. Following the twelve week programme we expect NVMS to support the fellows in implementing their agreed plans.

The mentoring teams supporting the Innovation Fellowship Programme will consist of both external and academic expert mentors.

To apply to become a mentor, please complete the application form below.

This information will be used to ensure we are able to match mentors and mentees appropriately.  We are also aiming to have a diverse and inclusive group of mentors and will support positive action to:

  • enable or encourage people who share a protected characteristic to overcome a disadvantage connected to the characteristic;
  • meet the needs of people who share a protected characteristic where those needs are different to those of people who do not have the characteristic; or
  • enable or encourage people who share a protected characteristic to participate in an activity in which their participation is disproportionately low.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Jo Howorth to find out more.