Nexus Meets… Better Medicine

In our Nexus Meets series, we chat to members of our community to learn more about them and who they’d like to work with.

Chris Mckee from Better Medicine smiling to camera.

This time we spoke to Chris Mckee from Better Medicine.

Watch the video and read the transcript of our conversation below.

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Tell us about yourself?

I’m Chris McKee. I’m the Managing Director in the UK for Better Medicine and also leading all of the activities of Better Medicine UK. I have a background in cellular molecular medicine. I’ve also worked in the NHS in business development.

I bringing a skill set which is sort of combining academic, clinical and commercial opportunities to the table. 


What does Better Medicine do?

So Better Medicine is in the field of diagnostic medical imaging which is applied to the field of radiology. We’re here focusing very much on identifying cancerous lesions within the body. What’s different about us as a company is we actually take what we call a full body approach from the get-go rather than focusing just on a single organ at a time. This is so that we can identify potential points of metastases disease spread.

There are also incidental findings and lesions that might not necessarily have been identified before. So we’re really here to help the entire radiological workflow, whether that’s directly within the clinical setting or actually within potential clinical trials. 

How are you looking to develop your business?

My focus on developing the business here in the UK is by taking a two or three-prong approach. The first is obviously to go directly within the clinic and to work with clinicians and clinical academics to show the potential of our technology directly within a real-world setting and validate our technology here in the UK. But we’re also looking to develop our portfolio to also include the potential within clinical trials and working directly with farmers and other interesting commercial organisations. 

Who in our community are you looking to collaborate with?

Within the community, I’m looking to work with a broad range of stakeholders, whether they’re those that are interested in oncology based trials and research here at the university or those that are more directly involved with oncology based activities within hospital settings.